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Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews
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The job market is awash with qualified applicants. Yet employers rarely select based solely on merit. Instead, most hiring decisions are gut-level evaluations made in the first few minutes of an interview. What people say determines who lands a job and who does not. Hiring expert Tony Beshara knows the words that trigger ´´yes´´ in the minds of employers-and in his handy new book, he arms candidates with hundreds of ready-to-use responses to even the toughest interview questions. Covering entry-level to executive positions and encompassing all industries, this quick-reference guide propels job seekers through every stage of the process. Readers learn power phrases to: Get their foot in the door Clearly communicate their skills, strengths, and experience-and why they would be a perfect fit Make a great impression at the crucial opening and close Score high on the likability factor Dispel lingering concerns about work history Give follow-up emails real impact Negotiate a strong job offer And more After all, when it´s time to choose between a candidate who is perfect on paper and one who is persuasive in person, there´s no contest. Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews gives you the right words to make the difference every time.

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